Locks And Cams

Locks and Accessories

The Picture is an example of a 5/8″ and a 1 1/8″ Lock*

The following is a list of codes used for the different types of 5/8″ and 1 1/8″ locks*

LOCK10 – 5/8″ Cam Lock Code: 52600

LOCK10K – Key for Cam Lock Code: 52600

LOCK11 – 5/8″ Cam Lock Code: X-01

LOCK11K – Key for Cam Lock Code: X-01

LOCK13 – 5/8″ Cam Lock Code: X-04

LOCK13K – Key for Cam Lock Code: X-04

LOCK19 – 1 1/8″ Cam Lock Code: X-08

LOCK19K – Key for Cam Lock Code: X-08

Products Shown from Left to Right*

LOCK17 – Push Lock for Craps Bank Cover

LOCK17k – Key for Push Lock

LOCK18 – Quick Release Lock for Roulette Bank Cover

LOCK18k – Key for Quick-Release Lock


Table Plate for Quick Release Lock



Cams for Locks